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My name is Avi Penkower; I work as a technical writer, and in my free time I like to surf the net and look for interesting stories in a wide range of areas – history, science, religion, culture – pretty much anything is fair game.

One site I regularly like looking at is that of the Shapell Manuscript Foundation – I like how they link historical events to current events, and relate between historical figures and occurrences to fascinating source documents.

In this blog I’ll focus attention on various items in their collection, as well as on other history-related topics that I find worthy of note. The selection won’t be comprehensive in any way, but I hope you’ll find it interesting. Enjoy reading!

You can browse all of Avi’s posts by clicking here, or get a more personal view on things at Avi’s Spot.


I work as a researcher of historical artifacts and possess an MA in History with a Minor in Art History and Visual Communications. My career and associates have exposed me to the mystique and privilege of immersion in the world of purveying and researching some of the most exclusive historic items – a behind the scenes job which intrinsically facilitates a continuous education.  In my spare time, I enjoy teaching music, gardening, and biking.

I’ll be sharing with you my perspective on the evolution of some finer points of communication, history in the news, and other unique historical finds and topics.

You can browse all of Emily’s posts by clicking here, or get a more personal view on things at Emily’s Corner.


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