– Nostalgia for Americana or Just Some E-commerce?

I discovered  by stumbling upon this little write-up on handwritten letters by Christina Black.  I applaud her attempt to build the case for handwritten letters as things to be treasured, and certainly the idea of being more thoughtful when we write in general (though, I would point out that handwritten letters were being eclipsed well before the advent of texting – by the use of typewriters, and then computers. And just for a historical tidbit, the first “text” was sent in 1992…)

But then, as I scrolled down, this nostalgia heavy page tried to start selling me stuff.  Hmm. As I attempted to locate other thoughtful articles on the site, or really anything to do with preserving, I realized my definition was rather different from that of this site’s “Preserve-ing.”  If they’re  trying to accomplish something other than thinly veiled consumerism, they’re not doing a great job of it.  So kudos to the artisans featured, but I’ll take a pass on the shallow write-ups that are trying to caress me into spending mucho $$.  When I’m interested in reading up on the meticulous workmanship that goes into creating these unique products of a bygone era, I’ll do it somewhere else where the writing is worthy of the subject.


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