WANTED – Albert Einstein – Fugitive From the Law

Albert Einstein’s birthday is March 14th, and I thought this would be an opportune time to look at some of his less-famous contributions to mankind.

Did you know that there was once a bounty on Albert Einstein’s head?

In February 1933, Einstein was visiting the United States when Hitler rose to power. He decided not to return to Germany, and ultimately renounced his German citizenship. The Nazis burned his works, and placed a bounty on his head. A German magazine included him in a list of enemies of Germany, with the phrase, “not yet hanged.”

During the subsequent years, Einstein made a great effort to sound the alarm and to help Jews escape from Nazi Germany. He headed organizations, wrote countless letters, and met with world leaders – all in an attempt to save as many Jews as possible.

In 1943, before the full horror of the Holocaust came to light, he wrote:

“If those fellows would at that time have taken to heart your information more seriously, with which I traveled around Belgium and England during 1933, all these horrors would not have existed.”

At the time he was convinced Hitler was sure to fail; sadly he was to be proven wrong.


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