“Jew Go Home” – In Today’s Paris, One Cannot Help But Recall The Dreyfus Affair

Though almost 120 years have passed, Paris last week sounded much like it did in 1895 at the beginning of what came to be known as The Dreyfus Affair.  Then, as now, what began as a public assembly, for ostensibly political reasons, devolved into a hateful crowd chanting anti-Semitic phrases. Then, it was “Death to Dreyfus” and “Death to the Jews”; today it is “Jews go home” “Jews, France is not your country”  and simply “Jew.”

And though in today’s Paris it was “just a few hundred” chanting the anti-Semitic slogans, it should be noted that there are those who are willing to take the first step and openly express their hate – shouting in the public streets, no less – and those who wait for the first few to clear the path for them.

Let us hope this is the last we hear of their racism, and that if it is not, that the majority will not tolerate it.

Read more: http://forward.com/articles/191637/french-anti-government-march-turns-anti-semitic/#ixzz2sL3jho9H


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