Jewish Civil War Soldiers Get A New Treatment

Simon Wolf’s seminal work “The American Jew as Patriot, Soldier and Citizen” first published in 1895, lists the names of thousands of Jewish soldiers who served in the American armies, with accompanying historical sketches of the periods and wars in which they served.

As part of the Civil War Sesquicentennial Celebration, the Shapell Manuscript Foundation is preparing a new comprehensive roster of Jewish Civil War soldiers, scheduled for publication in 2017*. Although it is based on Wolf’s work, they have eliminated numerous duplicated entries, and currently have listed more than 1,500 additional names.

For many soldiers, their name is all we will ever know. However, the lives of hundreds of these soldiers come to life in family letters, pension files, and muster rolls. Researchers at the U.S. National Archives are currently engaged in gathering information on the personal lives of individual soldiers for a greatly expanded digital Civil War roster, to provide a deeper look into the lives of these men who fought in the cause of freedom.

*This date was updated from 2015 to 2017  on 12/13/2015.


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